PCF Insurance Services: A Trusted Home Insurance Broker For Over 75 Years – And Counting!

Home sweet home! It's not just an address - it's the cozy sofa corner, the aroma of homemade cookies, the kids laughing in the backyard, the heart and soul of your family. For a place that means so much, your home deserves an insurance policy from a broker who cares just as deeply. Welcome to PCF Insurance Services. With a 75-year legacy under our belt, we've woven trust and reliability into the very fabric of home insurance brokerage. How do we keep our compass pointing true north in this ever-changing industry? Through diligent monitoring, an adaptable approach to market changes, and an unshakeable commitment to you, our valued client. Let's dive into why our goal is to be the last home insurance broker you'll ever need! [...]

PCF Insurance Services: A Trusted Home Insurance Broker For Over 75 Years – And Counting!2023-06-15T14:47:09-07:00

Underinsurance Epidemic

Did you know that over 60% of homeowners don't have enough insurance for their homes? This is according to a study by Nationwide Insurance (in the top 10 personal insurance companies in the US). This can lead to a lot of problems if something bad happens, like a fire or natural disaster. This article will talk about the problem of not having enough insurance, what it means for homeowners, and how to fix it. The Underinsurance Problem: Insurance can be hard to understand. Sometimes, homeowners might not know how much coverage they really need. They might not know how much their property is worth, forget to update their policies, or not understand what their policy covers. This can leave them unprotected. What Happens When You're Underinsured: [...]

Underinsurance Epidemic2023-06-15T15:02:37-07:00